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Shared Motorcycles Equipped with "Smart Helmets"

Omni Original 2023-02-28 16:58:30

What happened to previous helmets?

Many people ride the rental bike every day,but few people wear a helmet for when riding the rental bikes.Because the shared helmet is locked with a wire rope,the wire rope will be fatal in the event of a car accident.And many of them are placed on their backs,and there are often dust,fallen leaves,and sometimes unfinished drink bottles inside,so,there may be hygiene problem.


The difference of lastest helmet lock for bike

The emergence of the lastest helmet lock for bike made citizen's attitudes changed towards wearing helmets."I rode a rental bike equipped with a smart helmet to work today.There's no wire rope connecting the hemet like before.It is unlocked by a smartphone APP,and it is installed in the card slot of the basket. It is very clean. I think this design is very thoughtful,and it avoids the embarrassment of the helmet being catching the rain when parking in rainy days.The helmet is hygienic and reliable, and it is more comfortable than previous helmet.I wore it once and I felt very good."


helmet lock for bike


What other users felt about new smart helmets for rental bikes

"The new smart helmet has been fully upgraded and a helmet lock is installed."The previous helmet and the vehicles were connected by wire ropes.Many citizens reported that it was inconvenient to use and interfered with riding."

"The wire rope is removed on the newly upgraded smart helmet.The built-in chip forms a small Internet of Things with the vehicle,and through internal communication,it can identify whether the user has taken the helmet in real time,which can improve the wearing rate of the helmet and has anti-theft effect."


smart helmet lock


The new smart helmet lock is fully upgraded.

In terms of specific operations,when a cyclist scans the code through the mobile APP to unlock the vehicle,the vehicle equipped with a smart helmet will issue a voice prompt "You can ride after wearing the helmet". At this time,the user can choose to open the helmet lock and take off the helmet for use.The user introduced that after the ride,the rider can return the helmet according to the three steps: one is to arrange the belt,the second is to place it along the arrow,and the third is to presst the helmet to lock.

Regarding the cleaning and maintenance of helmets,the operating company stated that the operation team will carry out cleaning and maintenance of helmets in a planned way based on vehicle usage,weather factors,and the impact of the epidemick,and conduct regular deep cleaning and disinfection to ensure the hygiene and safety of helmets.In addition,for damaged or lost helmets,operation and maintenance personnel will also replace them in time.

The Omni smart helmet lock has been fully upgraded.If you are interested,come to the offical website of Omni Intelligent Technology to learn more.