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The developed technology solutions of sharing bike app

2017-12-26 17:47:05
Sharing bike solve the last mile of travel pain points, so that sharing bike APP development became the highlight of business start-up in 2017, compared to public bicycles, sharing bike let it spread throughout the country, while the public bike fixed Pile, resulting in it has been obscurity, the following to analyze the technical solutions sharing bike APP development.

1.The stage of looking for bike

This is the inevitable stage of sharing bike APP development. In cities, users need to open a sharing bike app to look for the perimeter based on LBS geolocation,through the GPS navigation to find the sharing bike.

2.The stage of unlocking bike

There are two ways of smart lock on sharing bike app,one is to scan a two-dimensional code to enter. Like mobike smart bicycle lock, through the data transfer to the cloud automatically unlock.The other is like a mechanical lock such as ofo bike lock, password scanning through the code to manually unlock the manual,which is more complicated,scanning code is actually conducive to open the middle level of intelligent machines.

3.The stage of locking bike

The development of sharing bike software needs to record the travel time of the user, then to calculate the amount spent and record and accumulate the riding data.When the user arrives at the destination, to click the button to end of using bike and pay to lock. Closing the bike lock,then backstage system accounting billing, to complete the use.

The existence of sharing bike has great positive impact on the development of urban public welfare undertakings and environmental protection dual-track projects. The development of sharing bike APP has also become the investment priority of entrepreneurs in 2017. Sharing bike is not only a commercial project but also a green project.