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The Instructions of Smart Bike Lock Waterproof Rating

2017-11-17 16:26:51
Now the smart bicycle lock has begun to flaunt the level of IP65 or IP67 waterproof and dustproof function.But do we all know what these meanings represent?

IP (Ingress Protection) is an international standard for measuring the dust and water resistance of equipment.Waterproof grade reflects the ability of the instrument moisture and dust, especially for outdoor activities, inevitably in the harsh environment of high humidity or dusty, the sealing and waterproofing ability of the instrument is essential to ensure the safe operation and life of the instrument.

IPxx level
Two digits in the IP code, the first digit represents the level that prevents intrusion of foreign objects (including dust) into the parking lock.The second number indicates the level of waterproofing of the device. To achieve an IP rating, your parking lock must be certified and independently tested before it can be marked on the instructions.
In simple terms, the wording is "IP + (number A) + (number B)", the number A represents the dustproof level, and the number B represents the waterproof rating.

Dust level list

IP _X: anti-foreign body and dust level, IP0X-without any special protection.

IP1X - Prevents accidental contact with parts inside the appliance, such as the palm of your hand, to prevent foreign objects of larger size (> 5mm in diameter) from entering.

IP2X - Prevents human fingers from touching parts inside the appliance to prevent intrusion of foreign objects of medium size (greater than 12.5mm in diameter).

IP3X - Prevent tools, wires and similar small foreign objects of diameter or thickness from penetrating into contact with parts inside the appliance.

IP4X - Prevent tools with diameter or thickness greater than 1cm, wires and similar small foreign objects intruding into parts inside the appliance

IP5X-Partially prevent dust intrusion (will not produce harmful sediment), although not completely prevent the intrusion of dust, but the amount of dust intrusion will not affect the normal operation of electrical appliances.

IP6X - completely sealed to prevent invasion of foreign objects and dust.

Waterproof level list

IPX-0 is not waterproof

The IPX-1 unit provides waterproof protection equivalent to 3-5 mm / min rainfall for 10 minutes under normal operating conditions.

The IPX-2 level is basically the same as that of the IPX-1, but can be waterproof up to 15 degrees in all directions.

IPX-360 degree splashed water protection, providing 2-5 minutes of 10 liters / second flow rate and 80-100n / m pressure waterproof protection.

The IPX-4 level is basically the same as the IPX-3, but offers splash and splash protection in all directions and angles.

IPX-5 Waterproof protection from all directions and angles, providing 2-3 minutes of flow rate of 12.5 liters / sec and water pressure of 30n / m.

IPX-6 big wave of water protection, can last 2-3 minutes to resist the depth of 3 meters underwater, 100 liters / minute flow rate, 100n / m pressure.

IPX-7 submerged 1 meter can be soaked for 30 minutes.

IPX-8 completely waterproof, you can often continuous use in the water.

Omni smart bike lock material is aluminum + PC, secure, electroplating coating, IP67 waterproof, shell with dust, waterproof, shockproof function.