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The Evolution of Bike Security Alarm System

Omni Original 2023-05-30 17:33:19

  The development of the Internet of Things is becoming more and more popular.By 2023,this technology will become more and more mature.The bike security alarm system has actually gone through a lot,including the exploration period,development period,and maturity period.The evolution of the bike security alarm system means that the use of hardware and software in the shared bikes industry has been optimized to a certain extent.At the same time,they have gone through various market models and become more mature.

  As the most important part of the bike security alarm system,there're many changes of smart bike lock.


smart bike lock


  The Smart Bike Locks Work with SMS Message.


  Text messages are used in the earliest shared bikes as unlocking signals!Usually it can be unlocked successfully within 10 seconds.After got the command of unlocking,the server responds to unlocking by sending text messages to the mobile phone.As the smart bike lock has been matched to the single shared bike,it means the text message of unlocking is for the specific shared bike.I need to mention that the unlocking by SMS message is slower.However,there're advantages for this unlocking method.It is relatively stable and does not require to save power through GPRS or 3G traffic.Power saving is very important.


  The Smart Bike Locks Work with GPRS Communication.


  After unlocking method of SMS messages,here comes a different way which is called GPRS communication.This unlocking method becomes directly unlocked by the server through GPRS or 3G traffic transmission instructions.The speed of the unlocking method is greatly improved,and there is no need to worry about the power problem.The user experience will become better and better.The problem of this unlocking method is that it depends on the signal,and it is easy to fail to unlock in areas with weak signals.


  The Smart Bike Locks Work with GPRS and Bluetooth Communication.


  The improved unlocking method is to use data and Bluetooth.The server only needs to use data to connect to the user's mobile phone,and then the mobile phone's Bluetooth sends the unlock command.At the same time,it solves the problems of slow unlocking time,instability,and power consumption.The power consumption of unlocking is greatly reduced,and there is no need to rely on the signal strength of the module in the smart bike lock.Surely the stability is greatly improved as well.The stability and compatibility of the Bluetooth unlocking method cannot be fully guaranteed.Therefore,the traditional,more power-consuming unlocking methods(manual password unlocking,GSM,SMS or GPRS traffic unlocking)are often reserved as alternatives.


electric bike lock


  Well,as a practitioner in the smart bike lock industry,Omni hopes to bring you more understanding.Most excellent smart bike lock dealers should also adhere to the construction of a service system and objectively understand low-cost products,so as to realize the goal of manufacturers to correctly guide the industry.direction,and jointly give up low-cost and low-quality services.Only in this way can the entire shared bikes industry be better and better.