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Staggered Time Parking - Sharing Parking Spaces

2018-04-26 18:32:58
In view of the current situation of the parking industry,most people,especially those with cars,can find that the biggest problem with parking is the scarcity of parking spaces."Sharing parking" caused by the decentralization of resources and asymmetric information,which has a very large market.

Omni Smart Parking Project is an overall solution for intelligent parking lots and smart parking locks.It mainly includes the following aspects.

1、Real-time processing parking space dynamic information

Parking dynamic information means the real-time monitoring of information such as remaining parking spaces,remaining parking spaces,vehicle license plates,and parking time.Almost all public parking lots (Shopping malls,property parking lots,etc.),or temporary parking spaces in the community need to provide real-time idle parking spaces.At present,the methods used in the market are mainly taking cards,or installing parking brake bars at all parking entrances and exits,and automatically counting the time of entering and exiting each car,and uploading the remaining parking spaces after comparing them to the server.

Omni develops a Bluetooth smart parking lock,which giving each idle parking place an independent intelligent property.Through the intelligent module communication in the lock,the management of each parking space and parked cars is realized,and at the same time,the problems of the location of idle parking spaces and online payment are solved.

2、Mobile app remote control parking spaces

Using parking locks as a hardware terminal for staggered time parking space programs,there are three main issues:

a. The bluetooth connectivity compatibility issues.
b. The power consumption and battery life.
c. The parking lock networking security.

Omni solves this problem by adding a Bluetooth device using a parking lock and a gateway.It is not difficult to use a mobile device to control the parking lock.It is to find ways to connect the parking lock to the Internet so that it can be controlled by the cloud or the client.You can use the same way as the sharing bike lock,use Bluetooth control or insert a card in the parking lock to communicate.The parking lock is connected to the gateway through Bluetooth.The gateway controls the parking lock in the parking lot.At the same time,the server communicates.The user does not need to turn on the Bluetooth control parking lock,so there is no Bluetooth compatibility issue.On the other hand,the low-power Bluetooth Provides a certain endurance for parking lock,free charging can be used for one year,reducing maintenance costs.

3、Parking space management platform

The management platform for parking spaces is to build a backend management to facilitate the management for management administrator.The main functions of the backend management include the following:

a. View idle parking space on the map(can filter by conditions,such as number,power,use informations,etc.)
b. Control parking lock status (such as background control switch lock,etc.)
c. Obtain parking information (such as current power,the last lock-up time,etc.)
d. Statistical usage data (such as daily usage,etc.)
e. Statistics of financial statements (such as daily recharge count,consumption amount,etc.)
f. User data statistics (such as the number of registered users,using time,etc.)