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Smart parking lock APP help you solve parking difficulties

2018-04-11 17:49:29

Driving to the destination,but there is no parking space nearby,this situation makes many car owners headaches and upset.If you have a smart parking APP in your mobile phone,then you can search for idle private parking spaces for rent nearby.Use the mobile phone parking APP to unlock smart parking locks to rent a temporary parking space for you.Does this idea make you feel very caring?

Omni is committed to R & D of smart parking locks and build sharing parking APP to solve urban parking problems.When a car owner who has parking needs just need to open the sharing smart parking APP,he can search for available idle parking spaces nearby.The car owner can freely choose according to the parking space owner's quotation.After book a parking space,the smart parking lock on the parking space signaled to guide the owner to accurately find the parking space.The car owner using the smart parking lock APP control to lock or unlock the parking lock,then the parking was successful.

To achieve this kind of smart point-to-point and real-time interconnection,each parking space needs to install a smart parking lock.This parking lock requires a chip that can send and receive signals to enable remote communication with the mobile phone.Omni smart sharing parking lock is specially designed for the sharing parking business model. Smart parking lock consumption is extremely low.It can be recharged for one year without charge,eliminating the cumbersome maintenance of parking spaces and supporting multiple terminal remote control functions.Omni sharing parking locks for each idle parking spaces are given independent intelligent properties,and the management of each parking space is realized through the intelligent module communication in the lock to achieve the sharing of parking spaces.Say goodbye to the difficulties in the management of parking spaces in traditional parking spaces and rely on high-cost manpower charges.

With Omni smart parking lock app,users can check the number and location of the remaining parking spaces by the app,and remote multi-terminal control of the parking lock switch,and achieve a sharing parking space business.

The function of smart parking lock APP

A: Real-time viewing of the number of remaining parking spaces in the nearby parking lot,

B: Online payment of deposit for reservation of idle parking space,

C: The user unlocks the parking space remotely before parking, which is convenient and quick,

D: Check the parking lock's power in real time and low battery alarm.