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The secret of fingerprint lock

2018-04-14 17:48:26
Compared with traditional mechanical locks,fingerprint locks are more convenience and practicality,so they are increasingly welcomed by the market.However,what is fingerprint lock,how to determine the quality of fingerprint lock?What is the security of the fingerprint lock?

What is a fingerprint lock?

Simple analysis,fingerprint lock is the use of fingerprint recognition,to achieve the purpose of unlocking.

What is the composition and principle of fingerprint lock?

The fingerprint lock has two major core components:the identification module and the chip.The principle is that when our fingerprint is pressed on the identification module,after recognizes,it will send the fingerprint to the chip to judge whether it is the owner's fingerprint.If the fingerprint is right,it will send an unlock command,or,it will refuse to open the door.

The identification module is also called the fingerprint head.Currently, the market is mainly divided into two types.One is semiconductor fingerprint identification,the other is optical fingerprint identification.

Optical Fingerprint Collector: Identify your fingerprint by mirror refraction.We can understand it as taking a picture to see the fingerprint.The main advantage is low cost.
1, Anti-counterfeiting,optical technology may not be able to identify whether it is a copy of fingerprints.
2, Recognition accuracy,for fingerprints,fingerprints too dry or peeling of the user,it will be prone to false recognition.
3, The battery is not durable,optical fingerprints need to emit strong light,which is more power consumption.

Semiconductor fingerprint collector: Through the skin biological skin recognition,there are three advantages:
1. Can identify authentic fingerprints,security is higher;
2. High recognition accuracy and sensitivity,do not open the door in half a second;
3. High recognition rate, dry fingers,and peeling are not affected.
Disadvantages: The price is high.
In summary: semiconductor fingerprint collectors are much safer than optics

Is the fingerprint lock safe?

Compared to mechanical locks,the technical content of fingerprint door locks have a high level.In addition,the cost of fingerprint copying and hacking is very high,and the success rate is low,which is several hundred times higher than the difficulty of damaging the lock.