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How does Smart Parking System Realize Optimal Utilization of Shared Resources?

Omni Original 2023-05-04 15:47:38
  When it comes to parking,everyone will frown.Now that people's living standards have improved,the demand for cars will naturally increase.The advent of the automobile society is accelerating.Parking is difficult not only in first-and second-tier cities,but also in many small and medium-sized cities.The problem of where to park the car tonight has become a troublesome problem for car owners without the assistance of the smart parking system.

car share parking

  Make full use of the existing parking resources,that is to carry out peak-staggered car share parking,integrate the parking space resources of commercial buildings and surrounding residential quarters,make full use of the tidal characteristics of time-space shifting peaks in commercial and residential parking,open up the idle parking space resources of commercial parking lots,and integrate commercial. The parking port and parking space is shared with the surrounding residents,which is convenient for off-peak parking in the surrounding old communities,and can also increase the economic benefits of commercial parking lots,forming a win-win situation for commercial and residential sharing.To put it simply,during the day when the parking spaces of office buildings are tight,they can park in residential areas,and at night,vehicles in residential areas can also park in surrounding buildings.

smart parking system

  Parking space lock real-time sharing starts from the perspective of resource optimization and utilization,and creates a platform linking parking spaces,properties,parking demanders,etc.,alleviate the pressure of urban parking difficulties.

  The above is the whole introduction of parking space lock.If you want to know more about the solutions and cases of smart car parking system,you can enter"Omni smart lock"for more information.