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Simple Analysis of Smart Bike Locks in 2023

Omni Original 2023-05-06 18:49:50

  With the popularity of various means of transportation,bicycles have gradually faded out of our lives,but the emergence of shared bicycles revitalized the traditional bicycle industry.Smart lock is the core component of shared bicycles.As a necessary component,it can not only support real-time positioning and prevent theft,but also an important source of big data.It is an application technology of the Internet of Things and a typical"Internet of Things+Internet"application.Perception,recognition technology and pervasive computing and other communication perception technologies enable information exchange and communication between users and vehicles.


  1.Introduction of smart bike locks


  The biggest difference between shared bikes and ordinary bikes is the smart bike locks.The smart bike locks are developed by Omni Internet of Things. The communication method of smart lock of the shared bikes is to connect to the mobile phone through Bluetooth,rely on the rental bike APP on the connected mobile phone for GPS positioning and billing,and communicate with the server to monitor and manage the vehicles.The advantage is that because only Bluetooth connection is required,the overall power consumption of the smart bike locks is very low,there is almost no need for charging,and the maintenance cost is relatively low.In places with poor signal,it can also be unlocked and locked automatically for billing.


smart bike locks


  2.Highlights of smart bike locks and bicycle sharing system


  The smart bicycle locks based on NB-IoT has lower power consumption,better coverage,and lower delay.First of all,compared with GSM,the coverage gain is up to 20dB.Therefore,there is no dead angle in the coverage,which can ensure that users can unlock normally anywhere(underground parking lot).Secondly,low latency can ensure a good user experience.Users can receive the Xinpai password from closing the lock supported by NB-IoT smart bike lock,the time is about 2 seconds,which is greatly shortened when comparing to 6.81 seconds for the GSM lock.NB-IoT facilitates the best rideshare services and best anti theft alarm for bikes and solves the problems of high power consumption and short battery life.The shared bikes are unlocked 10 times a day,and the service life of the battery can reach 2-3 years,which can support the life cycle of the entire bicycle.NB-IoT chip,the module cost is low,and the bicycle does not need additional charging devices,which lowers the overall battery life.


  The IoT platform can enable intelligent and precise operation and maintenance of shared bikes.Through the life cycle management of the SIM card of the smart bike locks,the connection status of the bicycle can be effectively supervised to ensure efficient supervision of the bicycle,such as unified activation of newly registered bicycles,suspending the group of faulty bicycles,and ending lost bicycles through the business analysis of the SIM card.It supports intelligent supervision of bicycles,such as the top usage rankings,top group statistics,total usage trends,regional and time-period usage trends,data connection events,and location changes.Through the FOTA function of the IoT platform,efficient remote firmware upgrades for smart locks can be realized and enhanced operation and maintenance capabilities.And by using the end-to-end fault location capabilities can help efficiently locate device-pipe-cloud faults and facilitate operation and maintenance.


rental bike app


  3.Working principle of smart bike locks


  The main thing about shared bicycles is the smart lock,also known as smart bike lock.You only need to download the APP,register,pay a deposit,and you can use it.By smart bike lock and IoT technology,users will find the nearest bicycle for you,and then you only need to scan the QR code with one button.It can be ridden away,which is very convenient.So here comes the key point,the key to this smart lock is the chip,only this chip can play such a big role.

  At present,the Bluetooth chip used for smart bike locks on the market is mainly this Bluetooth smart chip:ST17H30.Let's take a look at what functions it has.

  Chip:ST17H30,QFN20pin,BLE4.0,ultra-low power consumption

  Function:support positioning,Bluetooth IC can directly drive the motor,support multiple unlocking methods,such as unlocking through QR code scanning method and Bluetooth connection method,etc.,support OTA upgrade over the air,multiple encryption.

  Advantages:low cost,multiple encryption is more secure,ultra-low power consumption,no need to replace batteries for several years,equipped with professional test tools,and the test efficiency is more than 10 times higher than other chip solutions.