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Sharing electric scooter is landing on Canada

2018-07-31 18:08:40
While sharing bicycles is developing rapidly,the United States on the other side of the ocean has begun to implement electric scooters in California and Silicon Valley in order to solve the "last mile" problem.Currently,this new way of travel has landed in Canada.

The sharing electric scooter has a simple structure – a two-wheeled skateboard with a handlebar that can travel at a speed of up to 24 km/h,which can solve some of the shortcomings of inconvenient cycling in the country.Scooters don't require parking racks,which means riders can leave them anywhere.The rider can find a scooter that supports gps through app and unlock the device for one dollar,for a fee of 15 cents per minute.

Why sharing scooters are so popular in the European and American markets.The mainly reasons is that sharing scooters provides a cheap,convenient,and environmentally friendly alternative to cars.Compared to last year's popular sharing bikes,sharing electric scooters have advantages in the following areas.

More effort and easier

Many people choose to sharing electric scooter instead of a sharing bicycle because the former is easier to use.The Bicycles need to ride to move,which is easy to sweat.However the electric scooter is more easy to use,and it can be easily started up and the speeds is up to 25 km/h.

Smaller size

Compared to bicycles,scooters are smaller and lighter,and you can easily fold them up and bring them indoors for later use,which reduces the risk of stolen stolen scooters.

The small size of the electric scooters means that they take up less space on the street and can place more scooters in the same space.If the sharing scooter can be parked anywhere,instead of requiring more space like a sharing bicycle,it is much easier to pick up a scooter when you want to use a scooter.

More cheaper

The price of a scooter is very cheap,especially as the last few kilometers of traffic.Let's take the distance of 5 kilometers as an example.Given the factors such as the peak of the morning and evening,Lyft and Uber are about $12 to $15.If you use a scooter,it takes about 12 minutes and costs 1+12*0.15=2.8 USD.The price is quite affordable,which is similar to the sharing bike price.Compared with sharing bicycles,the closer the distance,the more obvious the price advantage of sharing scooters.

More fashionable

In the United States,riding a scooter is much cooler than riding a bicycle.The bicycle is just a means of transportation,but the scooter immediately rises to the “life attitude”,which is a symbol of youth and fashion.