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More convenient travel with gps positioning sharing bikes

2017-12-29 18:27:54

Omni a professional sharing bicycle lock production of high-tech enterprises. Omni smart bike lock not only can lock the bike, but also built-in battery, gps and networking modules to achieve positioning function, when the user is riding, through the power generation unit and then stored in the battery inside to ensure gps and other components of the electricity.

GPS positioning system is a way to built a GPS locator in each sharing bicycle lock , and through the management software system to manage each sharing bike in the background, the specific way to achieve:1,sharing bike will have built-in GPS locator, and install solar charging board in the bike. Due to dynamic factors, in the using locator and smart bike lock for power generation, the bike locator and smart lock will be full of electricity.2,When the sharing bike user turns on the bike lock, the GPS locator of the bike will automatically turn on and upload the location information to the management background of the GPS positioning system. After filtering the important data, the location information of the user in the using process will be displayed, Through the user's software system to show their own driving trajectory and mileage, improve user experience.3, when the sharing bike is locked, the locator will get the final location of the bike, and uploaded to the manager's software background, the management staff in the follow-up sharing bike replacement, after-sales maintenance, or the use of the number of deployment time, through the background system Statistics of the number of regional bikes and the location for the bike.Which make the management easier.4. When the sharing bike is stolen, the smart lock can be used to display the current position of the bicycle in real time through the built-in GPS positioning function of the smart bike lock.