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Limebike-America's first sharing bike company will make a profit

Domestic sharing bike competition is fierce, and the first American sharing bicycles "Limebike" founders Bao Zhoujia, recently revealed to the investment community, Limebike currently ranked first in the US market, the market share is second place 3-4 times,Its market is 7-8 times of the third place, and it will soon start profitable.

According to Limebike's recently released year-end report of the dockless sharing bike in the United States, Limebike currently lacks 1 million cycles in less than half a year and its user retention rate is as high as 60%. The average ride time for each rider is 7 minutes 25 seconds and the ride distance is about 1.6 kilometers. Limebike successively landed in more than 30 markets in the United States, including 12 university cities in 25 cities, such as Washington, DC, Seattle and Los Angeles. In addition,sharing bike have also been introduced in Zurich, Switzerland and Duranglin, Germany.