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Omni sharing parking space is coming-parking has become easier

2018-03-12 18:13:26
At present,the parking problem has become a "common problem" in major cities.

If you want to fundamentally solve the parking problem,there are two options,one is to increase the number of parking spaces,the other is to avoid waste,make full use of idle parking resources.But the first method needs to occupy more urban space.For those first-line cities that have developed rapidly,it is obviously very difficult to open up more space to set parking spaces.Therefore,sharing parking is an innovative way of solving parking problems.

In view of the currently popular sharing bikes,relying on mobile Internet big data,through resource integration,technology development,and mobile payments,people can quickly accept and are accustomed to this model,coupled with the shortage of parking spaces,parking is just what the city needs,so sharing parking spaces is likely to be a huge business opportunity in the future.

Omni sharing parking spaces are based on the Internet of Things shared parking platform,with the help of sharing parking lock smart hardware devices,the use of Internet of things big data information technology,Integrate intelligent parking and personal parking space resources,to achieve idle parking resources sharing.After installing the Omni sharing parking lock,users can share their parking spaces through the platform and gain sharing benefits.In addition,the user can also view the parking space on the platform to achieve near parking.

Omni provided the overall (sharing parking lock + parking APP + management system) Internet of Things solution,which is expected to alleviate the current parking problems that are prevalent in society.