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Omni electronic remote parking solve the parking problem for you

2017-11-15 18:58:30
Omni personal smart parking lock is the latest out of an electronic remote control parking lock, it is specifically for the purpose of parking spaces for cars, so that their car parked at any time. For a long time, subject to the scarcity of resources, private parking spaces have been the long-term occupation of the problem occurred, in order to solve this problem, the parking lock to appear in our lives. Parking lock before most of the mechanical manual, the car out of the parking spaces need to get off the parking lock bar prop up or down, and then locked, the use of very inconvenient, if it is rainy days encountered in outdoor parking spaces, then even more Trouble. Manual parking lock has no anti-collision function, if accidentally hit the parking lock, the car is very easy to hurt, parking lock is also very easy to damage. It is always a headache for our owners to encounter these problems in a parked car.

Omni smart parking lock is an intelligent parking system to solve this problem, it is mainly used to help parking spaces "automatically unlock" and to help private owners "rental spaces", and all this is through the mobile app and smart parking spaces Lock the combination of the two to achieve; intelligent parking lock is the system running entity media, Bluetooth transmission, the user can control the mobile phone APP lock the car to achieve "automatic unlock." Through the mobile App, users can choose to share features,and  achieve "rental" their idle private parking spaces.