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Omni Sharing Bike System provide solutions from smart lock to cloud platform for sharing bike

2017-11-27 18:08:27
It's not hard to find that the smart bike lock on a shared bike has gone through three optimizations from the on-line to the present day. From SMS unlock to GPRS unlock to GPRS + Bluetooth unlock, and finally to the current narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) unlock.

Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) As an emerging technology in the field of IoT, with the gradual maturity of the industrial chain, especially the chip technology, and with the broad support of operators, it has been applied in the sharing bike field and get more consensus.

Compared to 2G, narrowband Internet of Things has wide coverage, multiple connections, low power consumption, low cost and many other features. Narrowband IoT features low power consumption, which makes shared bicycle do not need to install human power devices, solar panels alone or with battery can meet the vehicle power needs. Narrowband IoT broader coverage of the characteristics of the underground garage, Basement and other remote locations can receive signals to ensure continuous vehicle online.Narrowband Internet of Things program has the advantage of low cost, which can greatly reduce vehicle design costs.

If the smart bike locks are the key to sharing bike, the cloud platform for managing operations is the soul of a sharing bike.

A smart lock from mold-opening to supply chain coordination to finished products which is indeed a problem for small-sharing bike startups, However, in such a subdivided market competition environment, there is no need for the goal of operating a sharing bike entrepreneur to solve. Such locks have long been a lot of smart hardware factory produced,  in the way to cooperate with the supporting factories ,entrepreneurs or direct procurement can quickly get a smart lock.

The core of the problem is the cloud platform behind the lock. Only the true nature of sharing bike is the effective docking sharing bike and people's needs, build a bicycle and bike Internet of Things data, in order to achieve the bicycle intelligence, self-management, development and production of smart lock is only the first step, The important thing is the back-end server, cloud platform. Omni Sharing Bike System to provide solutions for sharing bike operations from smart lock to cloud platform.