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Lyft plans to acquire the largest shared bike company in the US

2018-06-08 18:16:55
On June 2nd,according to foreign technology media such as Techcrunch,Lyft plans to acquire Motivate, the largest sharing bicycle company in the United States.

According to relevant sources,the trading volume of Lyft's acquisition of Motivate exceeded US$250 millions.Motivate has already agreed to the terms of the tender offer proposed by Lyft,but the transaction has not yet been completed.

Motivate operates sharing bicycle services in multiple cities in the United States.It is the largest sharing bicycle company in the United States.As the most widely sharing bike company in the world,Motivate received exclusive contracts in cities such as New York City,Boston and San Francisco.The company’s profit in 2017 reached 100 millions US dollars.New York City’s “CitiBike” and San Francisco Bay Area’s “Ford GoBike” are all sub-brands of the company.

If the transaction is completed,Lyft will lead ahead Uber to successfully acquire a sharing bicycle company in the United States.

In April of this year,Uber acquired the e-bicycle company Jump at a cost of 200 million U.S. dollars.The company has accumulated 12,000 e-bikes in 40 cities around the world.Judging from the quantity,Jump's market share is less than Motivate.However,after Uber joined,it quickly increased the operations amount of bicycle in various places.

Techcrunch said that Jump company has implemented an 18-month pilot project in San Francisco,which will launch a large number of electric bicycles in the form of charging piles in the city.It is expected to be completed in June this year.Motive also launched the San Francisco in April this year.

According to the investigation report of the Department of Transportation of the United States for the general family travel field,35% of the US travel distance is within 3.6 kilometers.This means that modes such as sharing bicycles and E-bike are suitable for the US travel market.