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How to buy fingerprint lock

2017-12-01 17:56:50
With the development of science and technology, many new things go into our lives, for example the door lock, the old-fashioned iron locks have been gradually replaced by the current fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock can better protect Our family property safety. However, do you know how to buy a fingerprint lock? Here we introduce skills about purchasing fingerprint lock.


After installing the fingerprint lock, the function of the security door should not be affected. Fingerprint lock is no obvious security risk.

2. Stability

Fingerprint lock is the most important indicator, it is best to buy with the company has a R & D team。The company has R & D capabilities which is the best stability factor.

3. Versatility

Good fingerprint lock installation time should not exceed 30 minutes. Otherwise users are generally difficult to complete their own installation and maintenance. Universal design well, for direct users, the choice of a good general-purpose lock, after the sale can be easily resolved, just a mechanical lock or the original lock can be installed back.

4. Intelligent

Increase, delete password and other operations, should be very simple, users do not have to remember too much password and code. High-performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with video display system.It is more convenient for user operation.

5. Features

Select the lock function, on the one hand is to meet their own needs, on the other hand is the quality of the lock.