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How to Look up an E-bike to See if it's Stolen?

Omni Original 2024-01-12 16:07:11

  In recent days,electric bikes are very popular for personal mobility and short trips.The present invention relates to a new-type means of transportation.E-bikes mobility will become a long legacy instead of bicycle use.Therefore,it’s very important to protect and track personal e-bikes and e-bikes fleet.Now,we would like share with you some steps to look up an E-bike to see if it's stolen.


  The first,put an electric bike lock or an ebike tracker on ebikes.

  An electric bike lock or an e-bike tracker is built-in GPS tracking system.If your E-bike has a built-in GPS tracker or electric bike lock that comes with gps tracking,you can use the associated electric bike APP or cloud platform to track its location.This is applicable for personal and e-bikes fleet manufacturers and e-bikes rental and sharing companies.


electric bike lock


  The second,check for Serial Number

  Locate the serial number on your E-bike.It's usually engraved or printed on the frame.

  The serial number is an unique identifier for your electric bike.


  The third,use online stolen bike databases

  Check online stolen bike databases.There are websites and platforms where people report stolen bikes.Some examples include Bike Index,Stolen Bike Registry,and local community platforms.

  Enter your E-bike's serial number and check if it matches any reported stolen bikes.


ebike tracker


  The fourth,check social media and online marketplaces

  Look for your E-bike on social media platforms and online marketplaces.Thieves sometimes try to sell stolen bikes through these channels.

  Search for your E-bike's model or description.


  The fifth,notify local bike shops

  Inform local bike shops about your stolen E-bike.Sometimes thieves try to sell stolen bikes to these shops.


  The sixth,register your e-bike

  You can register your E-bike on platforms like Bike Index.This can help in recovery if your electric bike is stolen and later found.


electric bike app


  We would recommend electric bike lock or ebike tracker to check if an ebike is stolen as it can be the best choice to monitor and track the vehicles.The electric bike lock and ebike tracker provides real-time positioning,supporting the maximum chances of recovery of personal ebike or ebike fleet.