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What Smart Bike Lock Can Do for Sight-seeing Vehicles?

Omni Original 2024-01-03 19:33:30

  Many people are familiar with sightseeing buses,and four-wheeled sightseeing vehicles have become quite popular.Recognizing the business opportunities,sightseeing vehicle operators are now looking to follow in the footsteps of bicycles and e-bikes,transforming the singular concept of shared bicycles and electric-assist bikes into shared sightseeing vehicles.

  To implement a shared project,a comprehensive sharing system is required,with the smart bike lock serving as the core of this system.Today,let's discuss the role of the smart bike lock in sightseeing vehicles.


smart bike lock


  With the smart bike lock,operators can achieve real-time positioning on sightseeing vehicles.

      The smart bike lock provides this functionality by incorporating GSM communication networks,supporting GPS for precise positioning through base stations.Additionally,by integrating GPRS,the smart bike lock enables data communication and SMS control.

  Through the smart bike lock,operators can arrange for users to scan a code to unlock and use the sightseeing vehicle.

Users can scan the QR code on the vehicle body or the smart bike lock using their smartphones.The app uploads the lock's ID number to the server,which confirms user information,account balance,lock status,and other critical details.If permissions are normal,the server issues an unlock command to the phone and simultaneously sends an unlock command to the smart bike lock.The unlocking process can occur via GPRS or Bluetooth connections.

  Regarding the process after unlocking with the smart bike lock,once the unlock is completed,the smart bike lock sends a successful unlock message to the server,initiating the billing process.After users finish using the sightseeing vehicle and manually lock it,the smart bike lock uploads the locking information to the server,concluding the billing process and deducting the appropriate charges.


gps bike lock

    Remotely upgrade

        By installing smart bike locks on sightseeing vehicles,operators can remotely upgrade these intelligent locks.Remote upgrades include firmware upgrades,relieving operators of concerns about potential bugs or issues arising after prolonged smart bike lock usage,ensuring their continued normal operation.

  Moreover,the smart bike lock offers various other functionalities.It can collect smart lock information and status through wired or wireless methods,reporting periodically.Programmatically,customization can be done based on customer requirements.