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GPS vs Bluetooth tracker What’s best for pets?

2020-05-27 14:55:01
What are the advantages and disadvantages of a GPS tracker?

Advantages of a GPS tracker
Global coverage (usually)
Precise localization using GPS technology
Unlimited range: even when your dog is located thousands of kilometers away, you can still locate his position.
Independent localization, without the need of a second smartphone

Disadvantages of a GPS tracker
Sometimes GPS interference might occur (for example, indoors)
Dependent on mobile signal, so low costs are associated with the usage of the GPS tracker

More advantages of a GPS tracker:
Real time localization
100% waterproof
Virtual Fence: you can set up a predefined fence, for example, around your house. As soon as your dog will leave this virtual safe zone, you will receive a notification on your smartphone.
24 hr position history: find out where your dog was in the last 24 hours
Real-time localization: with this function, you know what your dog is up to in this very moment
Long battery life of 2-5 days

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Bluetooth tracker?

Advantages of a Bluetooth tracker:
Very exact localization, but only within 10 meters
Low susceptibility to noise
Lower costs

Disadvantages of a Bluetooth tracker:
Requires Bluetooth on your smartphone
Very limited reach (10 m outdoors, indoors dependent on the room)
If the pet is located outside of the 10 meter radius, the device has to fall back on an external, foreign smartphone (Requirement: Location service + Bluetooth of the foreign smartphone are active and the same Bluetooth app is installed), so that the localization feature functions.

Final Comparison: GPS vs Bluetooth Tracker
In the case of a GPS tracker, you are not dependent on external persons and you will be able to track your dog with no exception. When using a Bluetooth tracker, you are highly dependent and limited by the small reach. Should your dog be located inside the 10 meters of your smartphone, you’ll be able to track him. But when your dog runs away, he may travel much farther than the 10 meters range of the Bluetooth tracker, because he is discovering the world on his own.

The Bluetooth tracker functions very well for locating objects in your immediate reach, for example, for finding your keys or your bag inside your house. But when it comes to locating the exact position of your pet, the Bluetooth trackers are only partially effective, due to their limited operational range. Therefore, a GPS tracker is the best option for tracking the location of your pet!