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China sharing bike is popular in overseas - spread a new way of life

2018-03-06 18:13:56
Landing mobile phone APP,sweep the code to unlock,riding...dockless sharing bike with this convenient,green travel mode in China booming,at the same time,is also beginning to become popular overseas.Many countries such as Singapore,the United States,and Britain are quickly accepting Chinese-style sharing bicycle services.

China's sharing bike enterprises not only lead the trend in the model,but also in the smart bike lock,big data analysis,battery systems and other specific technologies,Chinese enterprises have a strong competitive edge.Bike sharing without pile is a Chinese-style innovative product and a brand new to demonstrate the tremendous innovation vitality of Chinese enterprises.The 2017 Internet trend report by Mary Meckel,a member of the United States that has the title of "Internet Queen" said that in the field of global travel sharing,China has taken the lead in the world.

Many cities in the world are plagued by problems such as car exhaust and traffic jams.The appearance of sharing bicycles helps to alleviate these problems.This is also an important reason that sharing bikes are quickly won the favor of all countries.