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Bluetooth Bike Lock-Keyless Control

2021-09-07 19:39:01

Combination of a smart bike lock with modern Bluetooth technology

Omni bluetooth bike lock combines the modern Bluetooth LE technology with the classic advantages of bicycle lock.The immobilizer is an ideal relief especially for short errands. The search for the key as well as the cumbersome application of a U-Lock to the bike stand is eliminated.

Nowadays, the smartphone makes it easy for us to keep an eye on the devices and applications of our daily lives. The lighting or room temperature in the house, refrigerator contents and now also bike locks.

A control of bike locks completely without a key or a number code is made possible by means of Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a radio technology that is integrated into all smartphones. Over a short distance, easy and secure data exchange is possible.

A Bluetooth lock is characterized by the fact that it is controlled via an app on the smartphone. In order to avoid unnecessarily straining the battery life of the smartphone, nowadays only the improved Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) wireless technology is used. This reduces the energy requirements for communication without neglecting the benefits of Bluetooth in general.

The differences between bike locks with Bluetooth are on the one hand in the style of the lock: From U-lock, folding lock to frame lock, there are many options. The scope of control in the app can also be very different. Depending on the functionality of the Bluetooth bike lock, the app offers appropriate control options.

The security of a Bluetooth bicycle lock

Access to Bluetooth bike locks is not easily possible. Common thieves work with bolt cutters and usually have little knowledge about Bluetooth LE technology. Bike thieves would have to become bike lock hackers.

The use of standardized encryption methods implements the highest security requirements. It is almost impossible to get access to a Bluetooth lock.

To hack a Bluetooth bike lock

The thief must be very close to the lock.He needs to know the individual key, which is exchanged between the bike lock and smartphone when connecting.Since all communication is highly encrypted it is nearly impossible to hack the lock.

In addition, Bluetooth lock completely keyless and are controlled by a smartphone app.We Omni offer customers free APP,welcome come to inquiry.