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5 ways an electric scooter will change your life

2020-07-13 15:50:53
Urban mobility is changing radically. Today, 60% of all journeys are less than 8 kilometres and a growing number of people choose to combine various means of transport with personal mobility vehicles such as electric scooters and skateboards.

1. You'll save time
While used to catch the bus to work which at that time of the morning could take around 30-40 minutes. There’d also be the odd case when the bus would drive past as it was too full already and we have to wait for the next one, naturally adding the stress of ‘will I be late for work?’
Now, if on the scooter it only takes about 15 mins to get to work, so it’s halved the time.

2. You’re in control
With the escooter, we can wake up later, get up later and leave later. Wearing well and get the things to work and we are good to go. It’s nice having the freedom of getting up at a reasonable time and leaving at a reasonable time. Not to mention we don’t need to worry about the bus being late, missing the bus, or having to get a seat – I know where we are.
Its stress free, hassle free and it’s a fun way of getting around. Sometimes find ourselves thinking of excuses to use it on weekend as well – where can I scoot today?

3. Beat the traffic
Try to enjoy scooting past the cars that are queuing up on the commute home. They're all sitting there in traffic and we are on our way. One of the greatest things is beating the traffic.

4. You will want to go and go
Finding that the scooter encourages us to do more – for example when needed some new guitar strings instead of going down to the bus stop thinking do we have enough money on the Snapper (all that kind of stuff). We can just grabbed the electric scooter and went and were back and forth in about half an hour.

5. You'll be part of the change
It’s fun to take over cyclists on it as well, it's quite nice to enjoy doing that. In comparison to an e-bike, Looking at the price – the scooter is a lot cheaper than an e-bike and the fact that you can fold it and still carry it on a bus or a train or in the boot of your car if need, that's a great point of difference.