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OC5 Multi-Functions Smart Bicycle StemOC5 Multi-Functions Smart Bicycle StemOC5 Multi-Functions Smart Bicycle StemOC5 Multi-Functions Smart Bicycle Stem

OC5 Multi-Functions Smart Bicycle Stem

  • Brand:Omni
  • Item No.:OC5
  • Color:black
  • Material:Aluminum alloy
  • length:95mm
  • Weight( stem& power bank):1080 Hours
  • Suitable bike:Mountain bike, road bike
  • Phone system:Android above 4.3 and support BLE,Iphone4S or above
  • Power capacity:(Stem:800mah,power bank:3700mah)
Mounting smart bike navigation/computer/GPS bike part with wireless Bluetooth

OC5 smart bicycle stem designed can be used for mountain bicycle and road bicycle, replaced the previous bicycle stem, is a smart device which connect with mobile app by wireless to offer you function of speedometer, anti-theft, lighting,music play, etc.

1.Smart speedometer: big mobile screen,wireless connect to the bicycle stem.real time display all riding data,lighting control,music play,etc.
2.Smart bicycle stem:
  a. External speed sensor
  b. Cadence sensor(optional)
  c. Built in barometric altimeter sensor chip
  d. Real time collecting all riding data,riding speed,distance,time,slope,altitude,etc.
3.Smart anti-theft: Owners away,automatic alert,return automatic released.
  a. Under the alarming status,any movement,will start hight-decibel speaker alarming on site,stop and threaten
the thief
  b. Owner identification smart recognize,no need extra operation
4.Power bank:
  a. Riding lighting
  b. Wirk as backup power for stem(no need to bring bicycle home to charge,and also avoid the inconvenient of normal power bank during riding)
  c. Charge for mobile
5.Smart lighting:
  a. Riding lighting,outdoor lighting
  b. 3 modes lighting:semi-bright,full bright,SOS blistering

 Product name  Omni samrt bicycle computer
 Model Number  OC2
 Color  black
 Material  ABS+aluminum Alloy
 Length  95mm
 Weight( stem& power bank)  main body:405gram, battery 145gram
 Suitable bike  Mountain bike, Road bike
 Phone system  Android above 4.3 and support BLE,Iphone4S or above
 Power capacity  Stem:800mah,power bank:3700mah
 Voltage  5V
 Bluetooth range needed  10m
 Waterproof level  IPX6
 Certificates  ROHS ,CCC

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