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M524DD Smart Parking Beacon for BikesharingM524DD Smart Parking Beacon for BikesharingM524DD Smart Parking Beacon for BikesharingM524DD Smart Parking Beacon for Bikesharing

M524DD Smart Parking Beacon for Bikesharing

  • Fix parking,site indentification
  • Built-in high precision real-time clock
  • Broadcast content encryption
  • Built-in battery,long standby time
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Shockproof
  • Explosion proof
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Support OTA upgrade

OMNI Parking Beacon for Standard Parking of Micro-mobility


Working with Omni smart bike locks and IoT devices,M524DD parking beacon supports fixed parking standardizedly to solve the problems of the chaos of poorly regulated parking in shared micro-mobility market.


How does parking beacon look like?

parking beacon


The M524DD parking beacon has built-in large-capacity lithium sub battery,long working hours,and a solid aluminum alloy shell design and IP67 waterproof level,which ensures that parking beacon works stably and reliably in harsh outdoor environment without manual inspection and maintanance.


urban mobility solution


The device also has a built-in high-precision real-time clock,and is equipped with an OME encryption algorithm,so that the broadcast content can be for real-time changes.And this smart device can not be maliciously copied by other personnel. 


smart bike lock


Application Scenarios:


Fixed-Point Parking for Shared Bicycles, Scooters, and E-Bikes and other 2-wheeler EV:

  • Addresses the issue of improper parking of shared transportation, ensuring vehicles are parked in designated spots and maintaining a tidy urban environment.


Public Parking Lots:

  • Identifies parking areas, helping users locate designated parking spaces and improving parking lot management efficiency.


Outdoor Events:

  • Used to identify specific areas during large outdoor events, aiding organizers and managers in better directing and controlling crowd flow.


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