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What are the advantages of Smart Car Parking System? Which one is better?

Omni Original 2023-04-12 16:53:32

The first advantage of smart car parking system

First of all, it can ensure the safety of vehicles in the parking lot. Traditional parking lots are usually manual. When personnel send and receive cards, there will be no records to check due to omissions. The smart car parking system will save the parking records of vehicles in and out in real time. There is also a vehicle capture function and a vehicle information comparison function to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the owner.


smart car parking system


The second advantage of smart car parking system

The smart car parking system can effectively improve the utilization rate of the parking lot. The smart parking management system adopts the license plate recognition method, and internal vehicles can enter and exit the venue without parking. You can enter the parking lot by lifting the pole, and pay by scanning the code or installing the ECT module to realize automatic deduction, which reduces the time for vehicles to stay at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, and avoids causing congestion on the scene.And it also can support car owners to find the correct parking space in need by using the parking spot apps and the smart parking lock which is part of smart parking system and supports remote control on designed smartphone applications. 


The third advantage of smart car parking system

The smart car parking system can avoid finanial cash loss.The traditional manual charging is easy to neglect due to the large traffic volume,resulting in cost losses.As a relatively well-developed sharing industry,the smart car parking system uses electronic charging.All payment are recorded,saving manpower while ensuring the accuracy of the amount and improving the operating income of the parking lot.


parking lock


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