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Why do Electric Bikes Have Bluetooth and GPS?

OMNI Original 2024-06-13 17:37:05

  In modern urban transportation,shared bikes have become a convenient and quick means of getting around.The bike locks are integrated with embedded chips,GPS modules,and IoT SIM cards,maintaining communication with the cloud through 2G,3G,and 4G networks.When the network signal in the area where the electric bikes are located is poor,Bluetooth communication can help the smartphone pair with the bike's smart lock for unlocking.


IoT GPS tracker


  Moreover,GPS positioning is an indispensable feature of shared bikes,allowing them to accurately reflect the real-time location of the vehicle,helping users easily find nearby bikes.

  When electric bikes have real-time tracking of their location and continuously send data information to the smartphone,you can easily and quickly find the exact location of your bike,regardless of what happens,such as theft or being towed.

  One of the essential tools providing electric bikes with GPS positioning and Bluetooth functionality is the IoT GPS tracker.This device can be used in different scenarios and can be discreetly installed on electric bikes,making it invisible to thieves.It offers additional protection for your bike,allowing you to know its location at any time.


ebike gps tracker


  With GPS positioning and Bluetooth,it means that electric bikes are equipped with an IoT GPS tracker,commonly referred to as ebike GPS trackers.It's worth mentioning that most IoT GPS trackers offer more features.

  The IoT GPS tracker's multiple alarm functions allow you to better track your bike.In case of abnormal vibrations,power disconnection,overspeeding,and other special circumstances,an alarm notification will be immediately sent to your phone or computer platform.In emergency situations,you can even send remote commands to cut off fuel or electricity,preventing the electric bike from starting.

  Nowadays,the positioning devices used on electric bikes generally have an electronic fence function.You can set up a fenced area through a software platform or electric bike app.When your electric bike leaves or enters this area,the fence alarm function will be triggered,allowing you to easily determine the movement of the bike.




  The IoT GPS tracker for electric bikes can also collect data such as mileage.The management system can save historical data for up to six months.Users can view the bike’s movement history repeatedly,including speed,direction,routes,places visited,and duration of stops.