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What are Shared Strollers with Built-in IoT Smart Lock?

OMNI Original 2024-07-04 14:40:20

  Rapid Development of the Family Travel Market

  Family travel is experiencing rapid growth on a global scale,becoming a significant segment of the tourism industry.Families increasingly prioritize travel as a means to bond,explore new destinations,and create lasting memories.As the family travel market experiences rapid growth,consumers are displaying new behavioral characteristics and consumption trends.This is partly due to the lack of specialized services and facilities in many tourist attractions,particularly for children.For example,the insufficient availability of children's strollers means that long tours can be tiring,especially for young children.In such cases,a shared stroller service at tourist sites becomes essential.

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  The Importance of Shared Stroller Services

  To enhance the convenience facilities in various family travel destinations,OMNI Intelligent has partnered with Miaoduo to launch a shared stroller service.This innovation not only addresses the significant market demand but also effectively solves many pain points in family travel.It is increasingly favored by tourist attractions,amusement parks,zoos,and other venues,becoming the preferred choice for parents and receiving recognition from entrepreneurs and investors.OMNI Intelligent provides a shared stroller solution for Miaoduo,including stroller smart locks and RFID sensing technology,which has achieved excellent results.

  Technological Advancements in Family Travel Infrastructure

  OMNI Intelligent introduces a new shared stroller solution based on the latest IoT technology and vehicle networking technologies,completely revolutionizing the drawbacks of traditional family travel

due to a lack of child-friendly facilities.Parents can quickly unlock and use shared strollers through

vehicle sharing app,borrowing and returning them as needed.There is no need to worry about the hygiene of strollers after use,as our partner Miaoduo regularly disinfects them daily to ensure that every family's children can use them with peace of mind.

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  Manage a Shared Stroller with Just a Smartphone

  Keyless start and control sharing vehicles in one step!

  OMNI Intelligent's shared stroller solution comprises a stroller smart lock equipped with IoT technology,shared stroller app,intelligent stroller management platform,and Alibaba Cloud server.By installing a smart stroller lock equipped with positioning and QR code unlocking systems on the shared strollers,intelligent operations such as keyless self-start,induction unlocking/locking,real-time positioning,and alerts sent via vehicle sharing app are achieved.

  Fast Customization with vehicle tracking app,Offering Various Value-Added Developments

  Shared operators can manage stroller vehicles,authorize strollers,track usage,and monitor the status of strollers through the vehicle sharing APP,and web management interface.Value-added feature development can help operators attract more customers,increase user engagement,manage and deploy advertisements flexibly,and generate substantial profits.