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Why Electric Mopeds are Accelerating in Smartification?

OMNI Original 2024-04-16 16:03:34

  The electric moped market,as a significant sector within the transportation field,holds immense potential and unlimited opportunities.While many may perceive cars as superior and more prestigious,electric mopeds prove to be more practical and environmentally friendly in specific circumstances and locations,thus accelerating their market ascent through decarbonization.


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  In urban,suburban,and rural areas alike,two-wheeled electric vehicles,positioned between bicycles and cars,are undeniably the most popular means of transportation compared to other modes.

  Especially in the last-mile delivery industry,such as food and parcel delivery,electric mopeds serve as indispensable tools for practitioners.Delivery personnel constitute the largest segment of electric moped users.

  However,the traditional last-mile delivery market faces numerous drawbacks.

  For many practitioners,entering this industry necessitates purchasing a new vehicle or paying hefty deposits,significantly increasing the cost of vehicle usage.If they switch jobs midway,buying a new vehicle becomes economically unviable.Additionally,most delivery personnel inevitably encounter issues like vehicle theft,breakdowns during delivery,or running out of battery,significantly impacting delivery efficiency and daily income.


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       Challenges in Rental Company Operations & Customer Management

  For rental companies and stores,there are also many shortcomings.For instance,many stores still rely on manual accounting and data entry of vehicles and user information,consuming considerable time,effort,and resources.When users need to renew their rentals,they must either call or personally visit the store to complete the renewal procedures and make payments.Moreover,dealing with issues such as customers failing to return rented vehicles,delayed rental renewals,or refusing to take responsibility for vehicle damage requires significant effort and resources.

  Furthermore,solely relying on traditional offline rental models severely limits store promotion channels,making it difficult to reach more potential users and increasing customer acquisition costs.

  A series of problems plague delivery personnel's vehicle usage and exacerbate operational risks and costs for enterprises.

  Addressing these challenges,the OMNI's Electric Moped Rental Platform including moped tracker,iot device and moped APP and backend offers a perfect solution for both users and electric mopeds management.


iot device


  Launched by Shenzhen OMNI Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.,the electric moped rental management platform focuses on the electric vehicle sector,providing comprehensive and user-friendly rental services for delivery personnel and offering intelligent rental management systems that integrate business,risk control,financial management,and after-sales services for electric vehicle manufacturers and store dealers.