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What to Look for When Buying an Electric Scooter

2020-06-30 11:12:28
Space is a commodity that we lack in, especially if you’re living in the city. That is why parking and driving around in your own car isn’t the most economical for many. You’ll need something that’s smaller-scaled and lightweight—the more compact, the better.

This is where electric scooters come in. They are more portable than cars or even bicycles without sacrificing superior performance. Effortlessly commute around the city, pass through narrow side streets, and store the e-scooter under your desk after use. And with how easy they are to ride, more and more people are experiencing the wonders e-scooters provide whether it be for travel or fun.

With the lack of space and their contribution to a more sustainable way of moving around, electric scooters are definitely the vehicles of the future. Discover why e-scooters are the way to go and learn which models you should get by reading on below.

Here are a few features that are key to getting the perfect electric scooter for you:
Speed is affected by your electric scooter’s motor power and tyres, your weight, and the surface you ride on. The heavier you are and the steeper the road, the slower your speed will be.
Distance, often called range, is the length your electric scooter can travel in one charge. Maximum range is vital to note when buying an e-scooter as you will highly depend on this during your commute.
Hill Climb
Being able to go up steep hills might be a necessity for some people who live in hilly cities. Most e-scooters, thankfully, can climb angles at an average of 10° to 12°.  Other models made for off-road adventures can climb steeper angles. Many also have a dual-motor system which makes for even stronger hill climb ability.
Your budget will directly affect which kind of electric scooter you can purchase. Obviously, the more powerful the electric scooter you want to get, the higher the cost you’ll have to shell out. But don’t worry! Electric scooters come in a wide range of prices. All you have to do is determine what you’re going to use your e-scooter for.
Charge Time
Charging time can affect how you use your e-scooter. Some electric scooter models who have higher specs might take longer to load, from about 8 up to 12 hours. If so, it might be prudent to have a backup battery or schedule your charging times in a way that’s convenient for you.
Off-road Capability
Not every scooter has the ability to travel off-road. From your motor and waterproof rating to your suspension and tires, you have to ensure that all these features can withstand the effects off-roading can have.

Water Resistance
Ingress Protection (IP Rating) is the measure of how resistance your e-scooter is to water and dust. It consists of two numbers, the second one showing you how water-resistant your electric scooter actually is. The higher the number, the more resistant your e-scooter is to water and moisture.
Brands can definitely factor in when you’re buying an electric scooter. If you’re looking for an e-scooter that will last you a long time and provide high performance, stick to more well-known brands.
Scooter weight
If you’re going to fold and carry your electric scooter sometime during your commute, then weight can be a significant consideration you need to look into. Of course, you can always fold and roll around your e-scooter or use an escalator or elevator to move up or down.
Wheels can be the difference between a smooth or bumpy ride. You will definitely feel an improvement (or lack thereof) with regards to road vibration and terrain depending on what kind of tyres you have.
Battery Quality and Motor Power
If you want the best performance, a powerful battery is a definite requirement. You’ll need significant power to speed up and even climb steep angles. The more powerful your battery, the better the performance of your electric scooter.
Look and feel
The aesthetics of your electric scooter is definitely essential! You need to be comfortable while riding on it so that you get the best experience (plus look absolutely bad-ass).