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What is the principle of sweep unlocking?

2017-10-16 17:45:10
What is the principle of sweep unlocking? What is the principle for mobike and other shared bicycle scan code to unlock? Sweep unlocking the bike is a new choice for the public travel now, On the principle of sharing the helicopter unlock code is part of the user wants to understand the content. Sweep unlock technology application of the most scenes is to share the bike,but many users don't know how the scan code is done. Let's introduce the process how the scan unlock function implements.

A Brief Introduction to Shared Bicycle Sweep Unlocking Workflow

Sweep bike bike lock process is very simple, including the mobike, OFO small yellow bike and other mainstream shared bicycles are used sweep unlock technology, the work process is as follows:

1, download the corresponding shared cycling mobile APP, after registration is complete, you can pay a deposit.
2, open the phone APP, scanning bike on the two-dimensional code, you can successfully unlock.
3, after the end of riding, pull down the lock, according to the requirements of parking.

The above steps are very simple, but what is the principle? How to achieve sweep code unlock process? This involves the technical principle of Bluetooth scanning unlock.

Bluetooth scan code unlocking principle details

Sharing bicycle basic use of Bluetooth smart bike lock,the Bluetooth lock is a kind of electronic lock, which chip is equipped with GPS positioning module, GSM communication module (part of the car lock is not), Bluetooth connection, and mobile phones, cloud server three interconnection, common control lock lock state.

Mobile APP can query nearby vehicles and get location information, Because the car lock chip equipped with positioning function, mobile phone APP can be used during the user location. The positioning of the lock is sent to the server, and the server can communicate with the mobile phone to display the nearby available bicycle.

In the Bluetooth transmission range, the phone can be connected through the Bluetooth and bike lock chip, you can carry out data transmission.

Mobile phone APP scan code can get the information of the bike, the two-dimensional code is the bicycle "identity card", including the bicycle ID. Each bike is the only number, sweep two-dimensional code and manual input cycle number the same effect.
After the mobile phone sweep code, get the bike number, automatically sent to the cloud server to request the decision to unlock the information.

The server receives the user request information and confirms it. If the status is good, the server agrees to request and sends the lock command of the designated bicycle, which is equivalent to the unlock key.

Mobile phone APP (or Bluetooth bike lock chip, different brands are different) to receive the server unlock command, the phone will unlock the lock (unlock key) to the car lock chip, the chip to receive information and confirm, and then through the circuit control lock cylinder lock action.