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What is the New Parking Lock Technology?

Omni Original 2023-12-15 14:22:40

  Due to the data analysis from January to December of 2023,people are willing to use different types of parking locks with smart abilities and IoT technology.We believe many enterprises are looking for more and more advanced technologies to produce parking locks.Today,let’s talk more about the coming new parking lock technology.

  With the continuous advancement of technology,parking lock technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated,bringing forth new possibilities in the field of parking management.From traditional pure Bluetooth parking locks to those based on 4G communication technology,each type of technology showcases unique advantages in different scenarios.


parking lock


  Parking Lock with Bluetooth connection

  Description:Minimalist design,specifically crafted for control through Bluetooth connection on smart application.

  User Experience:With a user-friendly smart parking app,users can remotely control parking spaces at any time,even with the option of a remote controller,enhancing the overall user experience.Suitable for scenarios that prioritize convenience in parking management,adding a touch of ease to urban living.

  Parking Lock with 4G technology

  Description:Based on LTE technology,enabling direct communication with the server.

  Application Scenario:This technology has a broader range of applications.It allows both direct control through the server and Bluetooth control,with capabilities for remote control and automatic reporting.Ideal for situations requiring comprehensive monitoring and remote management,providing more intelligent options for parking spaces management.


parking space lock


  Parking Lock with NB technology

  Description:Representative of Narrowband Internet of Things(NB-IoT)technology with extremely low power consumption.

  Application Scenario:Suitable for devices with low mobility and a need for automatic reporting.Although not suitable for real-time control scenarios,the low power consumption feature of NB parking locks is undoubtedly a significant advantage,especially in highly power-sensitive mobile devices.

  Parking Lock with 485 technology

  Description:Uses 485 bus communication,suitable for special industrial control systems.

  Application Scenario:When combined with a Bluetooth gateway,it allows unified management of multiple parking locks.While its application in general parking lot scenarios may be limited,the 485 parking lock demonstrates unique technological value in specific environments.


car parking lock


  As intelligent parking technology continues to innovate,users can choose the most suitable parking lock technology based on their actual needs,achieving a more intelligent and efficient parking management experience.These diverse choices bring new possibilities to urban parking management,making each parking experience more convenient and intelligent.