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How Does Smart Parking Lock Work?

Omni Original 2023-12-25 10:26:10

  Intelligent parking locks are smart parking devices that can connect and be controlled by various devices.After deploying smart parking lock,parking management operators can connect them to computers,mobile applications,and other essential programs.Consequently,operators can control the intelligent parking locks through computers and mobile applications.These locks prevent others from occupying users'parking spaces,allowing users to park their vehicles anytime,anywhere.Additionally,these smart parking locks support sharing and renting parking spaces when not in use,addressing the limitations of traditional remote-controlled parking locks in facilitating space sharing.


smart parking lock


  Operators can leverage existing resources to utilize developed and undeveloped spaces,initiating shared parking and leasing projects.So,how can we use smart parking locks?

  Installation and Setup of Intelligent Parking Locks

  Firstly,ensure that the smart parking lock is correctly installed in the parking space.Follow the manufacturer's installation instructions,including connecting to power and linking to the computer backend.

  Connecting the Parking Lock to Mobile Devices

  Smart parking locks can be controlled via mobile applications and remote controllers.Operators can use remote controllers to switch the lock on and off.Alternatively,users can download a smart parking app,register an account,find suitable parking spaces,and the intelligent lock will automatically record the entry and exit times,facilitating automatic billing.To lease parking spaces,operators need a system providing payment and reporting features to easily track sharing details and revenue.


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  Remote Control of Parking Spaces through Parking Locks

  Operators can remotely control parking spaces through a smart parking app,including functions such as locking and unlocking.This ensures that only authorized users can use the parking space,thereby managing and obtaining legitimate benefits.

  Sharing Parking Spaces through Smart Parking Locks

  For those who wish to share their parking spaces,the system typically offers corresponding features for both individual and bulk parking spaces.Through the application,sharing parameters can be set to allow others to reserve and use the space when it is not in personal use.This applies to both individual parking spaces and bulk reservations.


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  Real-time Location and Monitoring

  Smart parking locks are equipped with communication modules and real-time monitoring features.Whether for individuals or operators,users can check the status of parking spaces at any time to ensure there is no unauthorized use or any abnormal conditions.