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What is the Difference Between a 2G Tracker and a 4G GPS Tracker?

OMNI Original 2024-03-25 17:27:16

  As we all know,based on the different network coverage of smart devices,currently in the global GPS tracker market,there are mainly 2G GPS trackers,3G GPS trackers,4G GPS tracker,and Narrowband IoT GPS trackers.

       2G GPS trackers to 4G GPS trackers

  However,as more countries'network infrastructures gradually improve,old networks will also be phased out,and the development of improved networks is the general trend.Similarly,this trend applies to the GPS tracker market.As 2G network operators gradually cease services,2G gps trackers will also gradually exit the market,and 4G gps tracker will replace them as the new choice.




       OMNI has latest 4GPS trackers.

  Based on this,OMNI Intelligence has developed the latest second-generation 4G global universal tracker product,which is more powerful and stable in performance.This product can be widely used in vehicle positioning anti-theft,automobile financial risk control management,enterprise fleet management,urban traffic management,and many other fields.

        OMNI Intelligence: Leader in IoT GPS solutions, serving 30+ countries with top-notch products.

  As a leading domestic provider of IoT gps and location service solutions,OMNI Intelligence is committed to providing customized intelligent IoT solutions for industry clients.So far,the company has developed various styles of car-mounted GPS positioning products,serving industry clients in more than 30 countries and regions worldwide,and its related products and services are leading in many core IoT application fields.


car location tracker


        Super functions of new type of car location tracker

  The latest 4G product O504 is based on the 4G-LTE network,compatible with global 2G/3G/4G/EMTC networks,covering the main operator network frequency bands in Europe&Southeast Asia,North America&Mexico,India,Taiwan,and other regions.It supports GPS,Beidou,and base station triple positioning,with a compact and lightweight appearance,easy to install.Customers can monitor the daily behavior of vehicles through the cloud platform and gps tracking apps,supporting functions such as real-time tracking,Bluetooth,power-off alarm,vibration alarm,geo-fence alarm,remote oil and power cut-off,and remote upgrade.

  At the same time,the 4G modules selected for the 4G gps tracker are compatible with various markets globally and have local mandatory certification or operator certification.