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Cat.1 Solution for Sharing Bikes and Electric Bikes

OMNI Original 2024-03-26 19:01:50

   Revolutionizing Two-Wheelers: IoT Integration and Shared Mobility Evolution

        In the century since their inception,two-wheelers have never before possessed IoT attributes on such a massive scale,thanks to advancements in wireless communication,cloud computing,and positioning technologies.This evolution forms a robust foundation for the flourishing of the IoT,making the shared mobility industry increasingly diverse and convenient.


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  Competition and Innovation in IoT-Driven Shared Mobility Market

       In the IoT domain,the shared mobility market has become an arena for competition among major players and niche brands.Whether it's the previously popular shared bicycles or the recent surge in shared electric scooters,rising user demands and industry upheaval have forced companies to innovate and enhance technologies,leading to the emergence of Cat.1 solutions.

  Cat.1: Empowering the Next Generation of Shared Mobility

       As 2G/3G networks gradually phase out,the high bandwidth,medium rate,low latency,wide coverage,low cost,and low power consumption characteristics of Cat.1,combined with high-precision positioning,serve as a boon to the shared mobility industry.It's the most suitable communication technology for shared mobility 3.0's upgrade,capable of addressing many industry issues.


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  Bike sharing system and electric bike lock system with Cat.1 Solution

  The OMNI shared electric bike lock system includes an intelligent web-based big data platform,mini-program and electric bike APP for operators,user mini-program and e-bike APP for users,and 4G smart bike lock which is built-in IoT technology.The platform is deployed in core Alibaba Cloud data centers,supporting access for tens of millions of shared bikes and ebikes.WeChat mini-programs and APPs are seamlessly integrated for easy operation and management,with a focus on smart travel to create the ultimate"shared mobility"solution.

  The new OMNI Intelligence 4G smart bike lock supports 4G LTE-Cat4&Cat1 compatible with global frequency bands.It features wide voltage input:9-90V,adapting to all shared vehicle models on the market,and supports remote firmware upgrades.With an integrated satellite high-precision SOC chip,combined with ground auxiliary base stations,it achieves sub-meter and centimeter-level high-precision positioning with broader coverage and smaller blind spots.


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  Vertical parking,high-precision positioning,and Bluetooth road nails solve the problem of random parking in the shared industry.After applying this technology to shared electric scooters,it can guide users to find vehicles faster and more accurately.It significantly reduces the misjudgment rate of parking in super-area and wrong area,guides users to complete return behavior accurately,maximally reduces the operational burden of enterprises,and helps companies reduce costs and increase efficiency in operation,maintenance,and efficiency.

  For cities,more standardized vehicle road parking can reduce urban management pressure and promote citizens'civilized consciousness through technology.