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What is fingerprint recognition technology?

2018-02-05 18:30:37
Fingerprint recognition refers to the authenticity of a person who verifies a person by obtaining information such as lines and details of the fingerprints of the human body.Each person's fingerprint lines in the pattern,breakpoints and intersection points are different,it has a good uniqueness.

The advantages of fingerprint recognition technology

1, Fingerprint is a unique feature of the human body.Error rate <0.001%,recognition rate> 99.9%.

2, The fingerprint template is very small,computing speed,its use is very convenient.Template size <1KB,can be very conveniently stored in the chip.From gathering to certification of the entire process can be completed within 1s.

3, Fingerprint acquisition equipment is small,low cost and is very portable.

4, Different fingerprints are different,which can complement each other.

5, In the criminal investigation,security and other fields have a long history of using.

Omni smart fingerprint lock can be used as a human body unlocking signs,through the comparison of the fingerprint,with computer information technology,electronic technology and other technologies to open the door lock,pressing fingers can easily open door,unlock time is only 0.01 seconds,which is safe and convenient.