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What is a Bike Security Device?

Omni Original 2023-12-01 14:02:58

  Bike security device can be a smart bike lock,especially for sharing bicycles.The bike lock with smart abilities is suitable for the present technical era.

      A smart bike lock is different from old locking system.

       The old locking system is from mechanical lock.There’s no intelligent unlocking and locking methods.Most importantly,bike owners and bikes fleet manufacturers have no solution to know more about location and how bicycles or electric bikes perform.So before smart bike locks launched,there was no sharing bicycles and other urban mobility.

  Why do we suggest to use a smart bike lock for security of personal bikes or bikes fleet management?A bike security device is a smart bike lock which supports remote control and sends tracking data and position of bikes.The smart bike lock can control the locking and unlocking of vehicles and communicate with smartphone APP and other platform such as mini programs and backend.


smart bike lock


  What does the communication mean?

  It means communication methods that are put into smart bike locks.Smart bike locks comes with Ble connection,4G communication,or other communication modes can combine the vehicles and cloud platform together.That means no manual inspection of vehicles.And this is beneficial for bike owners and bikes fleet manufacturers,even for the bicycle ride share companies.They can recover their vehicles if stolen by getting their location from GPS tracking system.Therefore,a powerful bike security device is a smart lock which built-in IoT technology to make sure to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks.


smart bicycle lock


       Smart bike lock and bike sharing projects

  Besides the above mentioned functions and features,some smart bike locks can help to launch bike sharing projects smoothly.Some smart bike locks are put in GPS tracking system,communication modes and detection sensors and QR code system,riders can use their phones to scan the QR code,and the smart bike lock receives the unlocking command,then the smart locks can be unlocked automatically.Users can ride the bicycles easily.When they return the bicycles and lock the smart bike lock,the payment can be done automatically.In this kind of scenaries,the whole bike sharing system includes smart bike lock,bike sharing app and background management.Bike sharing companies can monitor and check all the details about their vehicles on backend.This is a good choice for bicycles fleet management.