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How Does Parking Lock Work?

Omni Original 2023-12-12 17:47:39

  The principle of an automatic rising and falling parking lock is achieved through manual or automatic control switches,raising or lowering the lock post from below ground or the surface to protect or release a parking space.So,how do parking administrators and operators use parking locks?Let's explore more about parking locks.



  A parking lock is a smart device.

  A parking lock is an intelligent device that can secure parking spaces,effectively preventing unauthorized occupation.Common types include automatic rising and falling smart parking locks,as well as electric parking locks.


  The usage of parking locks

  There are various methods for using parking locks,with the common principle being the mechanical lifting of the lock post above the parking space.This traditional locking method contrasts with the efficient management achieved by the currently popular smart parking locks.



  The new smart parking lock is activated when a driver triggers it.This can be done through the remote control,a smart parking app,and a backend system.

  Firstly,drivers can use their smartphone to sign up or log in to the smart parking app,then find an available parking space.Once they arrive,the driver parks the car.Upon activation,the parking lock receives the unlocking command,and in response,it rises from the ground to prevent access to the designated parking space.Alternatively,it lowers to allow access.The new intelligent parking locks support automation.

  Secondly,after the driver stops parking the car and leaves,the smart parking lock senses the departure and locks again.



  As for the payment methods and billing thing,parking space owners or parking space operators can use the smart parking APP and launch their parking space rental business.The smart locks bring great convenience for parking space operators or owners to control the activate or deactivate the lock without being physically present.Therefore,parking locks are integrated into broader parking management systems.