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We are youth and we are energic in Omni!

2020-06-09 09:39:02
Today's Omni is a bit more lively than usual

The handsome host on stage shouted again and again

Who are the lucky friends today?

Who will take the stage to get the awards?

Who will win the first prize of our company?

No one knows

But on stage, they prepare prizes

We all look forward to the audience

Everyone wants to hit the golden egg

Won the first prize

But why would it be him/her who is on stage to receive the award

Who are they

Actually they are the cutest people in our company

It’s also the company’s favorite group

They are employees of our company's business department

Although the road to accomplishing performance will encounter difficulties

But we are not afraid

Since we have solemnly promised the performance promise of June in front of all the colleagues of the company

Then go all out to fight, youth will no longer regret

The results achieved now are the first week of order opening

But it's not enough

Hope at Omni family

There is only one way can’t choose, that is the way to give up

There is only one way can’t refuse to, that is the way to grow

Although the road travels far, it is approaching, and if it is difficult, it must be completed.

In June, everyone will continue to work hard to achieve their goals