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Virtual parking pile of sharing bike-using scientific and technological means to deal with urban vio

The birth of a shared bike solved the last mile of travel, which is extremely convenient for travel.However, it also poses a number of problems, such as the disruption of sharing bike.

At present, a number of regions have banned to put sharing bike on the market.For the sharing bike has been put on, how to solve the problem of disorder?

At present, sharing bicycle enterprises in China has implemented virtual parking piles in some areas and reached a consensus on implementing "orderly parking, sharing bicycles and jointly maintaining public civilization."

Omni has developed its own technology for virtual vehicle piles. Our virtual single-lock vehicle or e-fence technology is a technology that enables shared bicycles to park only within the specified area. There are signs in the parking, licensing legislation area crossed, smart bicycle lock with voice navigation, the smart lock will remind users to enter the parking area, you need to park the car within the specified range. At present, the virtual electric pile technology support virtual electronic fence. The advent of Omni smart bike locks will solve the problem of city management for sharing bicycles in disarray.