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Viewing the Trend of IOT from the Iteration of Sharing Bike Lock Intelligent Technology

2018-01-12 17:14:55
In the past two years,green trips have deepened people's lives and sharing bike has become a hot topic of discussion among people and quickly appeared in the streets of major cities in the world.As the traffic solution of the last kilometer,sharing buike has greatly satisfied the needs of short-distance transport and is increasingly becoming a necessary part of life.

As a core component of sharing bike,the smart bike lock not only has anti-theft function, but also will become a sharing bicycle standard by virtue of its data acquisition capability to support value-added services in the future.

In an age where everyone has a smart phone,a large number of businesses are built on smartphones.Sharing bike can scan the QR code with a mobile phone for quick unlocking. It's really cool and easy.A kind of IoT application technology,through this technology will be more accurately to locate the bike location,and also can significantly reduce the bicycle unlock time,users will have quick scan code to unlock the bike experience.In a short,it is the Internet that links people to each other.Through the technologies of perceptual communication,perceptual technology and pervasive computing,cognitive technologies extend and extend to users and vehicles for information exchange and communication.Sharing bike lock has undergone a series of iterative updates,such as mechanical lock,smart bluetooth bike lock,2G/3G/4G smart bicycle lock,and NB-IOT sharing bike lock.Currently sharing bike industry commonly used 2G/3G smart bicycle locks.The latest batch of OFO and Qbike sharing bike lock use the NB -IoT technology.

NB-IoT is the narrowband Internet of Things technology,which is a new generation of Internet of Things system built on the 4G network.NB-IoT smart lock have the biggest characteristic of low power consumption,wide coverage,low cost,large connection.