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The shared scooters are so popular abroad

2019-05-16 15:37:01
Since the beginning of this year, with the announcement of the increase in cycling fees by the domestic sharing bicycle giants, it also indicates that the shared bicycles are maturing, which is also the development trend of the sharing economy. At the same time, another shared project in foreign countries is the fire-sharing electric skateboard. Whether in the United States or Europe, the shared scooter can be seen as the first choice for young people to travel short distances.

At present, there are two shared electric scooter giants abroad, Bird and Lime. The charging standard directly kills the domestic shared bicycle, riding for 15 minutes, and charging 3-4 US dollars. Even so, it is still sought after by foreign young people. In addition to convenient travel, it is also small in size, and it is also very suitable for foreigners' travel habits. It is very easy to use and can reach speeds of more than 20 kilometers per hour, which is faster and more labor-saving than ordinary bicycles.

From the current point of view, the development prospects of shared electric scooters are still very good, and Omi Intelligent Technology provides a one-stop solution.