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The Benefits of Smart Locks

2020-04-21 10:32:54
Smart locks are the first step to keeping your home protected without worry. You’ll be able to leave home without wondering whether or not you left the door unlocked, or where you last had your keys. With many varying options and features to choose from, there are a few big benefits to expect.

Keyless entry
With smart locks, you’ll be able to lock the door and throw away the key. Smart door locks are designed to be convenient but provide extra security key-free entry such as passcodes, fingerprints, and unlocking the door using your smartphone. Your guests will even have easy access to your home when you give them a securely generated passcode specially created for their use.

Extra safety and security
Thieves will have a harder time cracking your passcodes and breaking through sturdy bump proof structures. They may find it harder to pry your door open than most traditional locks. Most smart door locks even have extra measures to shuffle your code immediately after entry or add extra digits before and after the code. And with your smartphone, you’ll always have comfort in knowing who comes and goes with instant mobile notifications.

A smarter home

Pairing your smart lock with your Amazon Alexa, smart security system or lights will give you extra control with the touch of a button even when you’re away. Check out our smart lock for Home Automation Products to learn how interconnectivity is key throughout your smart home.