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Seven characteristics of electric curtain motor

2017-09-21 18:02:36
With the constant development of smart home, more and more electric products enter into our live . Electric curtain motor , controlled by remote control or mobile phone APP software for opening and closing. It has the effect of ordinary curtains, but also has a unique advantage in the current home, it is very popular. Here introduce 7 major features of electric curtains.

1. Opening and closing force

You can choose the curtain motors according to the area of the fabric and the specific needs ,There is also  DC and AC motors two types according to the size you can choose 1 N.m or 2 N.m.

2. Flexible and low noise

When the curtain motor open and close automatically, it is running  slippery smooth, less noise impact on where the space, but the prerequisite is to select good quality track and accessory system.

3. Operation mode selectable

Either automatic control by remote control /button switch or manual control by hand . Both control way can use at the same time and also can change between each other at your willing. Our remote control can control several pieces curtains at the same time, it also have group control function , so it is very smart and convenient.

4. Daily use easier

If you need shading function just select blackout fabrics, electric curtains have the same function as the common curtain. Besides some curtains still Sound insulation, heat insulation and other features. Besides all those function, electric curtains is more convenient, easier to use.

5. Wide range

It can be used in the home living room, bedroom. In the window larger conference rooms, villas, also does not seem very low, it is also saves manpower and resources. Whether ceiling windows or common windows, they can all install electric curtains, so it is used in a wide range.

6. Longer life

Using more durable aluminum track rod to guarantee security, besides it is also inserted the wire drive track, which make our motor can use for more 10 years. In the daily opening and closing process, if there is an obstacle it can also automatically stop , in this way it offer better protection for our motors .

7. Curtain material selection and more

There are many fabric material for curtain , whether it is cotton, linen, polyester, or other materials, all can be installed on electric curtains, the overall effect is the same as with manual curtain.