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Omni sharing parking solutions-solve urban parking problems

2018-04-03 18:09:22
The traffic congestion caused by parking problems has become increasingly serious.In order to release the market stock parking space,ease the urban parking difficulties,and promote the healthy development of urban transport.Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Co., Ltd. introduced a sharing intelligent parking solution to the market,through the smart parking overall program (sharing parking lock + parking APP system + background management system),effectively solve the problem of less parking space,parking difficulties.

Omni sharing parking solution provides idle parking spaces through“sharing”methods,which can be used for the car owners who have demands to park,in this way increase parking efficiency in the area and improve traffic conditions in the area. Integrate the parking resources on the market into the big data platform,and then rationally allocate parking spaces through big data operations to solve the problem of parking difficulties for many people who travel.

Omni sharing parking management of parking spaces through intelligent and information-based methods,intelligent parking equipment-smart parking locks,intelligent parking information management platform,parking big data analysis,APP online payment and settlement methods,improve parking management efficiency.

If one day,as a "car owner" when you go to shopping malls, hospitals or office buildings,as long as the online search through the mobile phone APP and advance reservation parking space,through the parking navigation system,you can easily find parking spaces near the destination.As a "parking space owner,"you will put unused parking spaces on the platform after work to make effective use of resources and increase your income.In the sharing parking environment,the parking is no longer a headache problem.