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Omni sharing parking program is a win-win situation

2017-12-05 15:35:04

For the car owners, the most painful is to go out looking for a parking spaces. How to solve the shortage problem of parking spaces? Omni sharing parking lock project create a "parking sharing" service. Users download the "sharing parking" APP then click and enter, the interface shows the vicinity of the destination "sharing parking" parking spaces, the user selected parking lot then can see the list of free parking space. Select the appropriate time parking spaces, enter the license plate number, confirm the order, you can complete the parking reservation, and then users navigate through the line, you can enter the parking lot. Owners of parking spaces can also use the "Shared Parking" APP rental free parking spaces, APP submitted by the parking lot name, parking number and owner phone number and other information, customer service approval, the parking spaces registered, the user can according to their own situation for a limited time rental Parking spaces.

Omni proposed a sharing parking project, mainly hoping to maximize the interests of parking spaces through "shared parking spaces" in this resource-scarce society. This not only helps car driver to solve difficult parking problems but also helps owners achieve economic income. In addition, the urban "parking difficulties" certainly have subjective reasons for the lack of parking spaces. However, many drivers find themselves almost "lucky" when looking for parking spaces. Obviously there is parking nearby, but suffer from "difficult to determine" and give up looking for. With the introduction of "sharing parking" service, drivers can find the parking space "precisely" the first time, eliminating the trouble of finding a parking space and avoiding illegal parking by some drivers, and also improving the management efficiency of operators companies.