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New Public Bike Rental Smart Lock with Automatic Lock

Omni Original 2022-11-10 11:03:50

With the advocacy of green travel,shared bicycles are sought by everyone.When you travel by public transport,you often need to walk to reach the destination.So sharing bicycles came into everyone's life and are sought and loved by everyone.Bike sharing services are needed everywhere,espercially city bike rental.Smart lock for sharing bicycles are an important part of shared bicycles,and Omni has continued to specialize in this area.Let Omni introduce to you the new smart lock with automatic lock for public bike rental and ebike hire.

Omni New Public Bike Rental Smart Lock

After the popularization of bicycle sharing and the improvement and development of rental bikes power supply technology,the use of 2g network signals to send unlocking instructions greatly shortens the unlocking time,but the problem of unlocking using network signals also comes,and the unlocking time and unlocking success rate are high.Depending on the signal,the unlocking success rate will be greatly reduced in areas where the signal is not strong.

In order to solve the problem of unlocking with network signals,Bluetooth communication for unlocking helps.When the mobile phone APP scans the QR code of the rental bicycle or smart bike lock which is put on rental bicycle,the Bluetooth module inside the smart bike lock is connecting with the mobile phone Bluetooth,and the APP sends the bicycle information to the background.When receiving the unlocking command,the server only needs to send the unlock command to the mobile phone,and then send the command to the smart lock through the Bluetooth of the mobile phone,and then it can control the motor to unlock.In this way,the communication with the SIM card module in the smart bike lock is avoided,and the unlocking is no longer dependent on the signal strength of the smart lock,and the power consumption is also greatly reduced,so the smart bike lock is very important in bike share industry.

Omni New Public Bike Rental Smart Lock with Automatic Lock

Omni invents and produces the very new suitable smart bike lock which supports automatic locking,not only automatic unlocking.The new shared bicycle lock in 2022 is easy to install.It is suitable for shared bicycles,and its small size is convenient for riding needs.Using GPS precise positioning,it can query and detect vehicles in real time,and can also set up geo-fencing.There are various unlocking methods,including mobile phone APP scan code unlocking,mobile phone Bluetooth unlocking,RFID unlocking,remote server unlocking,and automatic settlement.Secondly,Omni's new sharing bicycle lock in 2022 supports solar charging,with saving maintenance costs.

The material is made of environmentally friendly plastic materials,with a matte texture on the surface,which is more wear-resistant,impact,corrosion,and high temperature,which can prolong the service life.Omni's new smart bike lock in 2022 has high-definitoon audio and high-efficiency,built-in speakers,supports high-definition voice broadcast function,and can store up to 60 sec of voice content.The voice broadcast function supports one key to turn on and off,adjust the volume,and the voice content can be updated.In addition,Omni's new sharing bicycle lock in 2022 has vehicle attitude detection function,and a built-in high-precision sensor can detect the vehicle's falling,rolling and vibration attitude.

Omni's new smart lock for bike rental in 2022 is fully upgraded,safe and anti-theft,using environmentally friendly material,and GPS accurate positioning to transmit location information data.It is waterproof,shockproof,rust-proof,and explosion-proof,suitable for outdoor driving.Omni's new smart lock for bike sharing in 2022 can automatically alarm,charge automatically,and greatly reduce management costs.

Omni only makes professional and cutting-edge smart locks for bike sharing.