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IOT push forwards smart parking locks,sharing parking spaces improve resource utilization

2018-03-16 18:24:47
When the car arrives at the destination,but there is no parking space nearby,this situation makes many owners have headaches and upset.However,during working hours,the residential community has a large number of free private parking spaces.If you can rent these private parking spaces to help solve the parking problem and make money,are you willing to give it a try?ShenZhen Omni has used Internet of Things technology to achieve the exploration and development of smart parking lock,and realized this idea.

If you want to achieve "sharing parking",the most important thing is to achieve "interconnection and interoperability" between mobile phones and parking spaces.Omni sharing parking solutions by installing a smart parking lock on each parking space.This type of lock is equipped with a GPS communication module with an embedded IoT card.The communication between the parking spaces and the mobile phone is achieved through the communication function of the IoT card.Achieve intelligent point-to-point real-time interconnection.In this way,simply click on the phone to open the lock on the user interface, and the smart lock will automatically drop.When the vehicle leaves,the owner only needs to pay through the online payment method,the smart lock will automatically sense quickly lift.Thanks to the communication function of the IoT card,the smart sharing lock can send a signal,which can form the indoor navigation data of the parking lot,so that the user can find his own vehicle at the first time.