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Human Beings Are About To Enter The Internet Of Things Era

2017-10-12 15:51:16
On October 12, Dell announced this week that the next three years, Dell will invest in R&D of Internet of Things 1 billion US dollars, and the establishment of a special Internet of things.
Michael Dell,the  chief executive of Dell, said it would create a "interdependent ecosystem from the margins to the core to the cloud". Dell hopes that the new iot division will better integrate dell's internal products and services.

Dell's companies, including EMC, Pivotal, VMware and RSA, are more or less involved in the Internet of things technology.Gartner estimates that by 2022 years, the Internet of things will bring $1 trillion in annual maintenance, services and consumable cost savings to businesses and consumers.

When you're still lamenting about dell's huge investments, are you think about that our future world will be an Internet of things world? What’s the Internet of things, as the name suggests, is the Internet of things. Its English name is: "Internet of things (IoT)". This has two meanings: the first, the core and foundation of the Internet of things is still the Internet, an extension and extension of the Internet based on the Internet. The second, its clients extend and extend to any objects and objects, exchanging information and communication, which is the physical connection. The Internet of things is widely used in the integration of networks through intelligent perception, recognition technology and pervasive computing. It is also called the third wave of world information industry development after computer and Internet.

Ma yun,the chairman of alibaba,has said that the development of mankind in the future depends on three elements: the Internet of things, big data and cloud computing. Because human beings are about to enter the real big data era, and big data is one of the most important basic conditions for human beings to start the future. If the Internet of things can be highly integrated with big data, then the Internet of things will have a greater impact on people's changes, changes in society, and changes in the economy.

In the field of IOT, Omni,as the star of China's smart industry, Major production products of intelligent sharing bicycle locks, Shared parking locks, smart door locks, smart fingerprint locks, automatic door opener and other intelligent products. It has maintained a leading position in the smart lock manufacturing industry. Since the founding of the company, Omni’s step of technological innovation has not stopped.Omni will be Committed to building the world's largest Internet of things platform, leading the intelligent development direction of the industry.

In the past, most of the scenes were human interaction, People have few interaction with tools and machines. The Sharing bicycle lock developed by Omni has realized artificial intelligence through Internet of things technology. Omni's sharing bike lock system realizes the seamless docking of the artificial intelligence platform, making every sharing bike more smarter.

Although the word "Internet of things" is still relatively new to us, however,it has already moved into our daily life. The iot platform built by Omni with Sharing bike center has successfully completed the connection of "human - things - information". In short, Omni will be upgrading the user experience through continuous technological development and innovation, at the same time to bring more intelligent products and services to customers.