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How to Track a Car with mini GPS tracker

2020-04-06 17:27:08
If your car gets stolen, a GPS tracker could make the difference between getting it back in one piece and losing it for good. The handy device ensure you know where your vehicle is at all times.
By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a solid grasp of how GPS works and how to use it to track and secure your vehicles. Let’s get started.

How does GPS tracking work?
If the car you’re monitoring is in a parking garage or tunnel, the GPS tracker may not work at all until the vehicle leaves the area. And in dense urban areas, you probably shouldn’t expect it to provide your car’s exact location. Under ideal conditions, GPS can accurately estimate your location within 7.8 meters. As your conditions become less ideal, the location becomes less accurate.

Tracking your personal vehicle
GPS trackers don’t usually transmit constantly. The more frequently your device transmits location data, the more useful it is for mapping activity, but the shorter its battery will last. Typically GPS trackers will stay in “standby mode” until there’s movement you need to track, which saves battery. And of course, “passive” GPS trackers don’t transmit location data at all, so their batteries may last longer.
A good GPS tracker should have enough battery life to last several days or even a couple weeks. With an added battery pack, you can increase the battery life to several months. Just keep in mind that whatever the battery life is, that’s how often you’ll need to access the device.

Can you use a smartphone to track a car with GPS?
It might surprise you to learn that you can use a smartphone to track your car. Most mobile devices support GPS capabilities, and with the right app, you can see your phone’s GPS location from an independent device (like a computer or another smartphone).

Best GPS for tracking vehicles
Businesses with truck fleets, company cars, or specialized vehicles use this device to ensure their vehicles are always where they’re supposed to be, and with real-time tracking and mobile and email alerts, they can swiftly correct any misuse of company property.